Stronsay's Silver Darlings thank everyone for their tremendous support and encouragement without which these, our CDs, would not have been possible. We are particularly indebted and grateful for the cash donations from individuals and groups within our community and beyond and to you, the public, for buying these CDs which we hope you enjoy and will give as much pleasure as we have had in making them.


With Special Thanks To:...

Awards For All - Financial help towards the production of our first CD

Phil Anderson - MARINER MUSIC – recording

David Shearer - Norwick Mastering The First Haul and Reelin’ Em In

Gordon Gunn – Mastering North O’ the Galt - studio D, Wick

Stewart Shearer – Musical Advice

Douglas Montgomery – Musical Advice

Colin Keldie – K4 Graphics Sleeve design

Ian Cooper – Photographs

Arna Cooper – Photographs

Sheena Cooper – Photographs

Wilma Holland – Photographs

Alison Stevenson – Photographs

Colin Miller – Photographs

Bill Miller – Photographs

Colin Keldie – Photographs

Hazel Shearer – Photographs

Ocean Miller – Photographs

Roger Neville – Smith – Photographs

Jacqui Smith – Photographs

Diane Smith – Photographs

Gaynor Smith – Photographs

Orkney Photographic Archive – Photographs

William Caithness - Name of group and first CD

Janice Maxwell - Musical Arrangements

Mae Laverie –Introduction for The First Haul

Mary Holland - Introduction for Reelin' Em' In

Ian Cooper – Introduction for North O’ the Galt

Bill Miller – Information and history of the Herring for all CDs

Ingram and Doris Shearer - Writing for Reelin' Em' In

Andy Brown - Demo CD

Stronsay Junior High school - Providing a venue for practices

Orkney Ferries - Management, office staff and especially the crews

Barbara Robertson - VOLUNTARY ACTION ORKNEY – Advice

Orkney Media Group

Ken Amer – Orkney Photographic - Portrait photographs

Lauren Caithness - Committee member

Mairi Dennison - Committee member

Leanne Stout - Committee member

Elsie Dennison - Committee member

Sheena Cooper - Committee member

Mike Holland - Committee member

Colin McAlpine - Committee member, Secretary and Treasurer

Gaynor Smith - Committee member

Richard Scanlan for advice and support regarding our new website

Colin Miller – designing our original website

Leia Miller – designing our original website

Neil and Kathleen Hearn - revamping and designing our new website


Stronsay's Silver Darlings


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